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All the equipment used in Chris Haines Off-Road Specialist training programs is top of the line, and inspected and qualified by our certified staff prior to each deployment. We operate the newest models from Honda and Kawasaki ATV's, LTATV's and motorcycles.

We have also developed prestigious partnerships with leading industry manufacturers such as Honda, Fox Head Inc., Oakley, Asterisk, Dunlop, and Race Tech.

Additionally, some of the vehicles used in our training programs are equipped with our own custom-designed racks and other performance-enhancing accessories. For a sampling of some of our solutions, browse our equipment photo gallery.

Some of our solutions are proprietary and confidential. But some are available for purchase, including completely equipped, new vehicles. For more information on our custom solutions and to inquiry about purchasing options, please contact us via email or phone at (951) 674-2820.

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