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Chris Haines, a Navy Veteran, 2010 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee, acclaimed racing champion (winner of the Baja 1000 14 times over) and distinguished off-road tour operator, has integrated over 40 years of professional riding experience into a comprehensive off-road vehicle based company, Chris Haines Off-Road Specialist.

Chris has incorporated his vast roster of experience into a highly specialized training guide and course of instruction that meets every demand of U.S. Government and Special Forces. Chris has trained Special Forces, Army Green Beret, Army Rangers, British SAS & British SBS.

Chris’ career highlights, business accomplishments and impeccably designed facilities; stand testament to his dedication, expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Directly attributable to his expansive career, Chris has negotiated some of the most challenging terrain in the world. From testing to research and development, his broad background encompasses dimensions mirroring the demand of training to our troops. Armed with innate leadership and guidance abilities, along with a passion for teaching others; Chris is committed to precise and professional training, for our Armed Forces Personnel.

Training venues include basic and advanced vehicle operation, hands-on mechanics courses, navigating terrain, vehicle recovery, field mechanical repair, safety training, low light and IR light operation. In addition to our existing courses, our training can be customized for specific applications and terrains for LTATV, ATV, and motorcycle training programs to facilitate the requirements for a variety of Special Operations Units. All courses are designed to keep your SOF operators safe and combat effective even in the most austere conditions.

As an expert in the field, Chris Haines Offroad also develops specialized LTATV vehicle accessories that include spare wheel mounts, unique racking and storage systems, winch protection bumpers, skid plates, fuel storage systems, and much more. All fabrication is developed and manufactured in the U.S. and we can develop virtually any custom vehicle accessory you need for your Special Operations mission.

A U.S. Veteran-owned company, Chris Haines Offroad has a history of combat proven instruction and innovation, including training the U.S. and British Special Forces that gives your Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Companyoperators the knowledge to be safe, skilled and self-reliant.

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