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Beyond Chris Haines Off-Road Specialist training programs and certifications, we also provide custom-designed solutions for the vehicles and equipment we operate.

Some of the vehicles we have equipped with our custom solutions have been deployed in the field by U.S. Special Forces.

With complete metal fabrication capabilities, we have designed, tested, and deployed add-on equipment and performance enhancing accessories for the vehicles used in our training programs and by Special Forces. We can also develop custom applications to meet customer specifications. To view examples of some of our products, click the photo gallery on the left.

The accessories we have developed have been designed to precisely fit the vehicles. We have designed a 100% bolt-on, modular platform, so our accessories can be further customized to suit customer needs and preferences. Our base LTATV vehicles are equipped with some of these custom accessories:

  • Spare Wheel and Utility Rack (Patent Pending)
  • Exhaust Diverter
  • Combat Seat
  • Improved Skid Plates
  • GPS Navigation Mounts
  • Custom-designed Tools
  • Custom Front Bumper Kit

Some of our solutions are proprietary and confidential. But some are available for purchase, including completely equipped, new vehicles. For more information on our custom solutions and to inquire about purchasing options, please contact us via email or phone at (951 bor) 674-2820.

Special OperationsJune 2012
Chris Haines is featured in a 4-page article for 'The Year in Review Special Operations'. This in depth article reviews the history of Chris Haines and his skills and services utilized to educate and train Special Forces for proper LATV operation, repair, safety, and mission effectiveness.
Read about it here...


Chris Haines Offroad Trailer

Full Independent Off Road Suspension
Chris Haines Fully Adjustable Off-Road Shocks
Trailer Weight: 505 lbs (empty)
Load Capacity: 500 – 800 lbs (varies with tow vehicle)
Trailer Dimensions: 9 feet in length, 56” in width
Dual Drop-Down Sides
Recessed “D” Rings
Swivel Pintle Hitch
Powder Coat Finish
Utilizes Teryx A-Arms & Wheels
Bumper Bushings for Fuel Can & Spare Tire Mounts
Can be towed with LTATV, Toyota pickup, etc
Lightweight – Durable Construction

Chris Haines Trailer Chris Haines Trailer Chris Haines Trailer Chris Haines Trailer

Custom Applications Available

Item: Spare Wheel Carrier
Part#: UTTC
Description: Carry two spare tires either on the side or the rear of your LTATV. Completely bolt-on and modular design. Can be removed or installed onto the carrier by a single individual
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 111lbs
Shipping Carrier: 27"x10"x22"
Dimensions: Side Rail: 45"x7"x22"
Bumper: 53"x8.5"27"

Item: Front Bumper
Part#: UTFBK
Description: Surround and protect the winch and winch mount with this bumper system. Dual upper tubes add strength while additional stay bars secure to prevent failure under heavy load or compression. Features two tie down anchor points.
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 9lbrs
Shipping 30"x12"x7"

Item: storage Shelf Kit
Part#: UTSMK
Description: Made of durable aluminium, powder coated and rubber mounted. Designed for easy tie-down use and starage underneath
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 15 lbs
Shipping 32"x5"x20"

Item: GPS Accessory Crossbar
Part#: UTGPS
Description: Crossbar provides easy mounting of accessories such as GPS and radios while also operating as an additional grab bar for safety.
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 9lbrs
Shipping 48"x6.5"x3"

Item: Exhaust Shield
Part#: UTRES
Description: Exhaust shield reduces noise and heat signature of your LTATV for quiet operation and mission success while also protection your exhaust
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 16 lbs
Shipping 47.5"x4.5"x15.5"

Item: Fuel Can Mount
Description: Secure fuel cans from moving or bouncing with this fuel can security bar. Easily removable with quick and convenient access to fuel cans with a simple pull-pin to remove the bar.
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 3lbs
Shipping 43"x2"x7"

Item: Skid Plate
Part#: UTSP
Description: Complete underside protection with heavy duty aluminium plates that combine for unmatched and seamless rugged protection. Small removable panel provides quick and easy access for oil filter changes
Fitment: Kawasaki
Weight: 58 lbs
Shipping 53"x3"x28"

Item: TERYX Oil Cooler Kit
Part#: UTOCK
Description: Includes Cooler Radiator, Mounting Bracket
Engine Adaptor, Hoses, all fittings & necessary hardware
Fitment: Kawasaki Teryx
2009 - 2011
Weight: 12 lbs
Dimensions: 16"x12"x6"

Item: LTATV Tool Kit
  • Description: Itemized Tool Kit includes:
  • Spark Plug Socket (5/8)
  • Deep Socket Set (10 – 19mm) 3/8 drive
  • Std. Socket Set (10 – 19mm) 3/8 drive
  • Std. Socket Set (4 – 13mm) 1/4 drive
  • Ratchet 3/8
  • Ratchet 1/4
  • 3/8 & 1/4 Extension
  • Two – Wrench Set (8 – 19mm)
  • Allen Set
  • Tire Gauge
  • Epoxy Putty
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Adjustable Wrench 8in
  • Small Hammer
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Cutter, Pliers
  • Vise Grips
  • Super Glue
  • Screw Driver Combo
  • Panel Puller
  • Test Light
  • Tool Wrap
  • 30a Fuse
  • One Tool Bag
  • Trouble Shooting Wire
Weight: 15.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 14" x 8" x 7"

All products completely manufactured in the USA
Chris Haines Offroad Specialist is a GSA approved contractor and these
part numbers can be used immediately to place your requisition